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Tropical Leaves

welcome, wild One

...for an expansive journey of mind, body, and spirit

Are you ready?

To expand as the divine being that you are and open your heart more wide to love within and around you?

To commune with ancient medicines of the Amazon rainforest that will show you truth, heal your body, enliven your spirit, and bring about profound change to your existence?

To immerse in the beautiful and wild rainforest, the heart and lungs of our earth, to welcome her insights, wisdom, growth-providing challenges, and love she provides?

To learn, discover, and heal with the ancient way of Shipibo curanderismo, & partake in a master plant dieta for healing of mind, body, and spirit?

To meet new soul family and be held in a safe, nurturing, and intimate  space to journey together?

Receive individual 1 on 1 & group pre-rainforest preparation, ceremony integration, and post-rainforest integration. Although this is a group journey, this is also a time to focus on your individual needs, healing, and personal goals and desires.

*In addition to the information below, please read the information on the main retreat page as well.*

Integration & medicine

Fatua has been working with rainforest medicines and sitting with, learning from, and co-creating with peoples of the jungle since 2018. Having embarked on many medicine journeys, she has found that the most important key to healing and transformation is integration of her ceremonies and experiences. Visiting the Amazon is a potent experience within itself, and communing with the ancient medicines, wisdoms and cultures within her forest amplifies the experience.

Ayahuasca in particular, brings up a lot in our human psyche for processing, and after time in the jungle you will not re-emerge the same person you entered as. There will be many things about yourself, your relationships, ways of being, and how you navigate the world that are going to change, and all the new moving pieces will take time to be integrated into your life. 

Integration is an important part of your entire psychedelic process. The most potent part being after, and it can take weeks, months, or years to fully integrate your experience into your life. 

All participants of Wild Womban will receive a group phone call before the journey, and a group integration phone call after the journey, as well as group integration circles after ceremonies (except for during dieta week), and one on one support during dieta & during the retreat when needed.

Fatua has been trained as a psychedelic integration coach, and offers the option of opening a one on one container for continued support on integrating your journey after your time in the jungle. This program is separate from the retreat. Psychedelic Integration can be an absolutely transformational experience, to have the space to feel, express, dive deeper into the insights that have been shown, and explore the interweavings of your psyche in a safe container to be seen and held in. Having received psychedelic integration mentorship herself, she can say it has been one of the most beneficial & transformative containers she has been a part of. May this bring you peace of mind that after you leave the jungle you may have continued support if you so choose, as everyone's experience of returning to life outside of the rainforest can be very different. 


What is a master plant dieta?


There are many plants in the forest used medicinally, and every native tribe has their own unique ways of working with the plants. Not every tribe uses ayahuasca as a medicine, nor do they practice dietas.

The Shipibo are an indigenous tribe, traditionally residing around the Ucayali region of Peru, and have been working with ayahuasca for the past 2,000 years. They have a very specific way of working with ayahuasca and other medicinal plants for healing, learning, apprenticeship, learning icaros (medicine songs) and merging their consciousness with that of the spirit of a plant. They are infamous for the practice of "la dieta," a practice of following a strict diet of no salt, sugar, high fats, oils or processed foods, no sex or intimacy with self or others, & being isolated in the jungle, not ingesting (physically or energetically) any other plants (of strong power) except for the one(s) they are dieting, and that of ayahuasca and mapacho (Peruvian tobacco), and perfumes. 

The Shipibo, and most native jungle people recognize that everything; plants, trees, animals, rivers, all have a spirit, or a consciousness. In the Shipibo world, every plant has a spirit- a personality, different things it teaches, has its own songs, has different healing powers, and has its own medicinal healing properties for the physical body. Plants are like people, every person is a unique individual with different medicine and wisdom to offer. And not every person is for everyone, just like not every plant is for everyone. 

One of the reasons entering a dieta for healing is so powerful, is because this process is not just addressing the physical aspects of healing, it addresses also the healing needed of the mind and spirit. In our Western world if you go to a doctor with a problem, they will most likely give you a diagnosis and a quick fix, a pill perhaps, or a protocol. In the jungle, instead you are given a plant, or plants to work with that will address your physical problem, and also, the emotional and spiritual aspects that are needed to heal this issue. From a shamanic point of view, many of our physical ailments are manifestations of issues that have not been dealt with, felt, expressed. We bury our emotions, we don't process things that need to be processed, we bottle up our anger or sadness, have unprocessed trauma, and/or we are carrying the baggage of our ancestors and it needs healing- this all attributes to problems manifesting as physical. We are more than just our physical body, we need to heal on all levels, and this is why master plant dietas are SO powerful. 

In addition to healing, the path of dieting can be very expansive for personal growth, and is incredibly transformative, providing wisdom, teachings, and clarity for one's path. 

For those on the medicine path, one continues to dieta in order to continue connecting with the plant spirit world, and learning new ways of healing and navigating the medicine space.

Ayahuasca is more often than not, an important part of this process. Ayahuasca is a highly intelligent plant medicine that will show you truth, bringing things you have hidden under the rug right in front of your face for you to deal with. She is called the vine of the soul because she truly helps you to see life in a different way, she shows you what you need to see at this time, in order to expand and grow as a human being. She connects you with the universe, your most expansive self, pachamama, all that is. Her medicine is incredibly beautiful, and also can be incredibly challenging. She is not for the faint of heart, but will offer you new perspectives, healing, and the opportunity to take her teachings and walk forward with them in order to make changes to your own life.

Dietas are traditionally "opened" and "closed" in an ayahuasca ceremony with a highly skilled curandero (shaman/medicine person). You will be individually sung to and the plant spirit will be implanted into your body for the time in which you will be dieting together (which can be anywhere from a week, to months, or years!). I like to think of dieting as entering a monogamous relationship, you are making a disciplined commitment to your plant, and in return your plant will grant you what you are ready to receive. You will be spending time alone with your plant in order to fully be able to commune with it, this is why not exerting your energy outwardly is important, so you can connect as deeply as possible. Messages come in the silence, or through the song of your own voice! In ayahuasca ceremony however, your dieta plant is able to meet you in an entirely different way. Ayahuasca slightly steps aside, allowing your dieta to come through and speak to you more directly, show you its personality and visionary world, and activate different levels of healing. It is truly a profound and rewarding experience, that may also have its challenges  as it may bring a lot to the surface. This is part of the beauty though, healing happens once we show up and believe in ourselves and desire to make changes. 

When it is time to close the dieta container, you will have a final ceremony, in which the shaman will sing to you a specific song called an "arkana," which is incredibly important, and essentially safely packs your plant dieta into your body for safekeeping. Once you dieta a plant, it is with you for life, unless you wish to have the energy removed. You can always call upon it, or ingest it another time to reconnect or ask for insights. It also serves as a protector of your energy and an enhancement of your spirit. 

Although not always easy, it is incredibly rewarding and beautiful experience.


I am honored to introduce you to sitting with and dieting with our Shipibo curandero Loyver, a humble, gentle yet strong, beautiful individual who I have had the gift of sitting with and dieting with since 2018. To this day, I feel he is one of the most integral and unique, safe medicine men I have ever sat with. He knows how to hold the divine feminine with his soft presence. A visionary artist and father, he also paints the room with his beautiful songs that read into what the space needs at any given time. People return to Novalis time and time again because they love working with him. I am confident that you will not be disappointed in opening a dieta with Loyver when you choose to join us.

With love, Fatua

To learn more about Novalis & out approach to medicine, please visit the main retreat page.

To visit the Novalis website & learn more about our team and the beautiful land you will be visiting, click here.

Is this retreat right for me?

This retreat is for you if:

Your heart and soul feel excited about the opportunity to visit the Amazon & have a powerful and beautiful transformational experience!

You feel aligned with sitting with plant & earth medicines at this time on your life journey, and are aware that ayahuasca can bring about strong visuals, physical purging, personal challenges, and also insights, wisdom, beauty, connection to nature & God consciousness, healing, and deepened access to your true inner nature.

You love the outdoors and are comfortable with living amongst nature.

You are interested in learning about plant spirit communication, plant consciousness, how plants are used as medicine, & how the native peoples do so.

You are in a time of life where you are embarking on a new chapter, seeking change or clarity, wanting to discover your soul's purpose, healing, letting go, or simply desiring to connect more deeply with nature and expanded states of consciousness in a natural way.

You are calling in healing on physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual levels of your being.

You are interested in learning about other cultures and ways of life.

You intuitively feel that this is the transformational journey for you at this time.


Amazon Earth Medicine Retreat

group example schedule 

*It is optional to do a 9 day retreat if you do not feel called to open a master plant dieta, schedule and pricing as follows, those participating for all 16 days will be part of the 9 day schedule plus the week after

Days 1-9 Retreat Schedule (No Dieta)


Transport between the town of Puerto Maldonado and the jungle (Novalis)

Three vegetarian meals per day, except for ceremony nights

Treehouse accommodation (shared)

Plant bath in magical giant tree bathtub

3 ayahuasca ceremonies

Kambo ceremony

Cacao ceremony 

Integration circles & one on one consultations 

Forest walk & plant education

Land offering & blessing

*Classes: such as & subject to change:

dieta/plant spirit connection, tools for ceremony, clearing your energy, possible cacao making workshop*

Morning practice

Days 10-16 Retreat Schedule (with Dieta)

Includes all of 9 days and:

Private accommodation, in tambo (traditional dieta hut) or treehouse

Dieta food, (very simple, salt-free, fat-free diet)

Dieta medicine prepared by our maestro and medicine team

1 ayahuasca ceremony *possibly 2, depending on the needs of those in dieta

Visit the Machiganga community with opportunity to purchase handicrafts 


Limited to 7 participants. 

Payment plans are available! 

There is a $500.00 deposit to reserve your space.

Learn more about your host, Fatua

Learn more about Kambo Frog Medicine

*We honor your self sovereignty, some people do not wish to participate in every ceremony or activity, and that is respected. We are here to support you on your journey, not to push you into anything that does not feel in alignment. In order to honor everyone's time and energy however, there will not be a change in price based on what you choose to participate in, or not participate in. Thank you for your inner standing, and know that we are so grateful for you for choosing us; you are supporting rainforest preservation, indigenous people's and communities, and our unique team of facilitators- you are keeping Novalis thriving!

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Photo by Farhana Sarguro


What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is an Amazonian plant medicine made by cooking the Ayahuasca vine, which contains DMT, with an MAO inhibitor plant, such as chakruna, a small shrubby tree which we use in Peru. The leaves of the chakruna shrub are what induce the beautiful visions on the medicine.


The vine is crushed and put into water in layers with leaves and boiled for hours to days until a thick, syrupy concoction has been decocted.


Ayahuasca is taken for a variety of reasons including physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, to receive insights and wisdom, to heal family and ancestral lineages, to connect with your soul's purpose & find clarity, to connect with God consciousness & mother earth, for soul retrieval, learning and connecting with other plants, and so much more.


She is a powerful teacher & healer, bringing what you need to see, feel, and process to the surface, so you may choose to make necessary shifts in your life moving forward.


Once ingested, “she,” the spirit of the plant, comes alive within you, taking you on a stimulating visual and/or physical journey that can be equally challenging as it is beautiful. Purging is a normal part of the ceremony and you may release in ways such as vomiting, using the bathroom, shaking, or emotional release (crying, laughing, etc.) Every ceremony experience is completely unique.


At Novalis we brew our own medicine on site, with plants we grow on the land or have gathered from surrounding areas. As ayahuasca is becoming more sought after, that means her plants are being harvested at a very rapid rate. At Novalis we are committed to ethnical harvesting, replenishing and planting vines, and teaching surrounding communities how to keep her thriving as well.

Different tribes and peoples work the medicine differently. At Novalis we have a unique approach, and at the same time honor the traditions of our curanderos, who are Shipibo. The Shipibo peoples are native to the Ucayali River region of the Amazon of Peru, and have been working with the medicine for over 2,000 years. Their medicine involves healing with songs, or icaros that they receive from ayahuasca and dieting other medicinal plants. Icaros may invoke various plant spirits, trees, protections, healing and cleansing energies, animal spirits, rivers, mountains, ancestors, and more. In ceremony, specific icaros may be sung to an individual to facilitate their personal healing.

The concept of "dieta," or dieting plants also comes from the Shipibo. This is an intimate and dedicated process of essentially merging your consciousness with that of a plant spirit, through isolation, and energetic and dietary restrictions. By making these sacrifices for the plant, the plant will then begin to offer its healing, wisdom, teachings, songs, insights, and more to the dietero. 

Tropical Plant

Ready to Journey?

If you are interested in joining us, please fill out an application.

For inquiries & questions, please email:

Then we can reserve your space and discuss payment options.

For retreat brochure with travel info, packing list, etc. please visit the "Peru Retreat Brochure" in the blog page.

*Please note: Fatua will be out of the country December 15-January 6, and then in Peru in and out of the jungle mid January-April.

When she is in the jungle, she does not have phone service and goes to town once a week to connect with the outside world. Thank you for your patience in her getting back to you during this time.

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