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Ready to dream your life into being?


I’m Fatua,

 I am a facilitator of sacred medicine, psychedelic integration coach, musical creatrix, & cacao stewardess. 

Together we will create space for clarity and presence, integrate hidden parts of yourself, and open new energetic pathways for a harmonious existence. 


Cleansing & connecting you to your body, mind, and spirit by assisting you in clearing out stagnant energy and persistent patterns that do not serve you in your life. 

I am honored to be a carrier of acate, also known as kambo frog medicine from the Amazon rainforest that offers a powerful physical reset and energetic and emotional clearing.

My healing offerings are a unique blend of sound healing, energy medicine practices from the Andes mountains, reiki, & plant medicine. 

Join me in the Amazon rainforest on retreat, or receive outside of the jungle. 

I look forward to weaving together!

jungle, medicine facilitator

Energy Medicine

Ready to release what no longer serves you? 

In our modern world, when there is discomfort, brain fog, or dis-ease, we tend to only address the physical body. However, we are multidimensional beings, and we must clear our etheric field to restore vitality. 

Medicine for the heart and soul ♥️ 100%



Awaken your heart

manifest your dreams,

& release stagnant energies

 with organic cacao medicine from the Amazon rainforest

in a sacred ceremonial setting



​Kambo medicine comes from the giant phyllomedusa bicolor tree frog that lives in the Amazon rainforest. It is one of the most powerful immune boosting medicines on the planet, and it secretions are full of medicinal peptides that facilitate a powerful detox for the body, mind and spirit. 

Begin Your Journey

Fatua resides in Taos, New Mexico, where she is available for in person sessions. She can also do distance sessions over the phone, no matter where you are in the world.

To schedule or inquire, please connect via email.


I was hoping to detox physically and emotionally with a focus on energetically cutting cords. The session went well above my expectations. Not only did it accomplish all of my intentions, I felt moved and grounded in a way I’d never experienced. It was cleansing and healing, and truly magical. 


I HIGHLY recommend working with Fatua and have told many loved ones of my amazing experience. I felt supported, understood, safe and loved during the entire experience. Fatua is incredibly present with you and tuned into your needs. It was both intimate and empowering. She gave me a detailed run down of the medicine and what to expect, so I was never nervous. She tended to all my needs and held a beautiful ceremony. After I felt like I lost 100 pounds of emotional weight and felt clear and energized. I felt so connected to this beautiful sacred earth and had a strong sense of presence. It’s been a month since my ceremony and I still feel the benefits of the medicine. I will definitely be back to have Fatua serve me and it’s an honor to work with her in this way. She’s an incredible healer!

-Sara M.

My intention was to clear an entity from my field and the session was incredibly impactful. Fatua was able to track where the energy was hanging out in my sacrum and used the rattle to assist in the the removal. There was also a 2nd session of an integration of my higher self. Fatua was able to share what she could see and provide relevant self care recommendations for post session.

Everything she did felt right for me and aligned with my own inner vision and physical experiences in real time. I have been working in the energy medicine field for 13 years and received authentic healing from Fatua. She is a gifted healer. I highly recommend her.

-Asheeliyah I.

My hope was to break out of a depressive state I was in. The session helped me begin healing and learning to manifest my own reality. I recommend her. She’s sweet and made me feel welcomed and calm.

- Celeste S.
Podcast: This Mystical Life
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