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Join me at Novalis, in the Amazon rainforest of Peru for an adventure that will expand you heart, body and soul. ​

Unplug from the outside world and completely immerse yourself in nature in one of the most magical forests on planet earth.​

We will be sitting with the sacred earth medicines kambo and grandmother ayahuasca, that bring about deep cleansing and purification, physical, mental, and emotional healing, and a stronger connection with yourself and the earth.


So much beauty awaits you, I can’t wait for you to join us!​


Con amor,  Fatua


Retreat Dates 2024

March: 14th-29th- Wild Womban: Earth Medicine Journey

(option for 9 days 14th-22nd) or full time includes Shipibo plant dieta

Interested in visiting another time?

We have dates for visitors still available in February & April, 2024.

Check out the full 2024 retreat schedule at


Who We Are

Novalis is a center for conservation and cultural preservation in the Amazon rainforest of Peru, located in the region of Madre de Dios. Novalis preserves multiple hectares of forest, and supports and works with various native communities and individuals. Our team is a unique blend of Peruvian natives- Quechua, Shipibo, Kichwa, Machiguenga, Ashaninka, and Westerners. Together we co-create an immersive experience for our visitors, where people come to connect with nature and heal their body, mind, and spirit with the use of plant and earth medicines. When you visit us at Novalis, you will be embarking on a very personal transformational journey and cultural experience that will leave you feeling more deeply connected with yourself and mother earth.

Our approach

To plant medicine

At Novalis, we honor the plants and medicines of the earth as sacred. We believe in the importance of having an intention when choosing to experience these medicines and when coming to visit us in the rainforest. Every guest will have one on one consultations with members of our team so that we can get to know you better, and discover what it is that you are wanting to transform in your life, whether it is physically, mentally, spiritually, or all of the above. This also assists us in knowing what medicinal plants may be helpful for you on your journey while you are with us!


​It is about an hour boat ride and a 45 minute walk to get the grounds of Novalis, we are off the grid and deep in the jungle. Being immersed fully in the Amazon is part of the medicine of the experience, and as it is the home of the medicines we work with, the experience is very different than if you were to have them outside of the jungle.​ In our retreats, you will receive an acate (kambo frog medicine ceremony) that replenishes the peptides in your body, & clears you energetically and so you will feel strong and ready to receive grandmother ayahuasca, as it helps ayahuasca to be more permeable across the blood-brain barrier.


Our ayahuasca ceremonies are led by our Shipibo shaman Loyver Yui, assisted by our medicine team. The Shipibo are an Amazonian people who originally live in the Ucayali region of Peru, painting visions and healing with their icaros, or medicine songs that they receive from their lineage and dieting various plants. Loyver is loved for his humble and gentle demeanor, unique songs, kind presence, and he is also a family man and fantastic visionary artist.


We like to integrate the experience of the week with a cacao ceremony, a time to gather and share from the heart, and conclude our time together honoring the earth, and sharing music and explore our playful nature.​


At Novalis we offer plant dietas under the guidance of our Shipibo curandero. The purpose of dieting is to help your body and spirit to heal, learn, and grow by entering a deep commitment with a specific plant. This process involves opening and closing of the dieta in an ayahuasca ceremony with specific icaros. Your first ceremonies at Novalis will assist the team in knowing what will be the most efficient plant for you to diet. Once your diet is opened, you will retreat to your tambo (isolated living hut) and will receive a very simple meal delivered to you daily, along with your dieta medicine. Aside from simple check-ins, you will be alone taking time to meditate with your plant, receiving its healing, wisdom and teachings, and truly having time to be with yourself in this beautiful and sometimes challenging but rewarding, experience. 


At Novalis everything is optional, we honor your choices, and you always have the option to participate in what feels right for you. ​In addition to our ceremonies, you will receive a plant bath with plants specific for your healing journey, a forest walk, ceremony integration circles, vegetarian meals, and more!​​


All retreats include:

Transport between Puerto Maldonado and the jungle (Novalis)

Three vegetarian meals per day, except for ceremony nights

Treehouse accommodation 

*Private tambo accommodation for plant dietas

Ayahuasca ceremonies with Shipibo curandero Don Loyver Yui & medicine team

Kambo medicine ceremony with Fatua

Plant bath 

Forest walk and plant education

Local cacao 

Integration circles & one on one consultations

Visit to the Machiguenga’s home to see their way of life & handicrafts

Some retreats include

Master plant dieta, 

Classes, movement practices, meditations & more

Explore our upcoming offerings!



Ready to Journey?

To inquire, secure your space, or schedule a discovery phone call, please email Fatua at

*Please note: Fatua is in the Peruvian Amazon mid-January to mid-April 2024, and does not have phone service in the jungle. She goes to town once a week to check messages. Thank you for your patience for her response.*

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